Proudly present official Sven Väth Catharsis music video.

All scenes except the landscape shots were shot in our virtual studio @caution_contentproduction

Catharsis – the emotional purification of mental conflicts and inner tensions.

A dervish dancer wanders through a desert landscape and discovers an entrance to a cave. There, a surreal world opens for him in which everything is in motion. Vibrant landscapes are upside down and he loses himself in his spiritual dance, becoming one with his surroundings.

A 700-year-old ritual is shown in the video. The Whirling Dervishes perform the Sufi dance, steered by rhythmic breathing. Their white robes rise and fall in unison while spinning faster and stronger increasingly. As they continue turning in a spiritual trance, the dancers float between two worlds. They are in an intense and deeply personal form of meditation.
The dancing ceremony blurs the lines between meditation, dance, and trance.

Dervishes are considered the source of wisdom, healing, and enlightenment.

Dop/Editor: David Babendreyer